‘Shazam’ Will Also Feature The Entire Marvel Family; Actor Kobi Furmer Added To Billy Batson Shortlist

Over the past month That Hashtag Show as well as us at Omega Underground have been digging up different tidbits regarding DC Comic’s upcoming Shazam movie. While the studio is hard at work casting their Shazam and Billy Batson; That Hashtag Show has revealed several other children roles will be in the film as well.

According to their character breakdowns it looks like Eugene Choi (Daniel), Pedro Pena (Carlos) and Darla Dudley (Suzy) will also be featured in the film. As well as confirming our other article that the role of Frank is actually that of Freddy Freeman. These children were first introduced in the Flashpoint story arc:

[DANIEL]11, Korean. Daniel is a smart kid, into video games and reading non-fiction. SUPPORTING

[CARLOS]15, Hispanic, overweight, with asthma. Carlos is very shy and sweet. SUPPORTING

[SUZY]8-10, African American. A sweet, bubbly girl with glasses and pigtails. SUPPORTING

[FRANK]11-13, Caucasian. A kid at the group home with “Billy”, who becomes his friend and confident. Sarcastic and funny. SUPPORTING

When we first posted several audition tapes for Billy Batson we also added that young actor Anthony Olague was auditioning for the role of Carlos. We also went onto show that actor Brendan Heard had auditioned for the role of Frank.

Lastly, we would like to reveal that Kobi Furmer has auditioned for the role of Billy Batson:

Kobi Frumer – Shazam from Alon Frumer on Vimeo.

Production is expected to begin in Febauary while hitting theaters in 2019

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