EXCLUSIVE: Two Human Leads For ‘Detective Pikachu’ Revealed From Audition Tapes

Earlier today a shortlist of actors names were revealed to voice/mo-cap the role of a hyper-intelligent Pikachu in Detective Pikachu. This will be the first live-action Pokemon movie ever made since the first manga and video games were created back in the 90s. However, this will feature a brand new protagonist based on the mini-game of the same name from Japan.

Now we at Omega Underground have discovered the names of the two human leads in the film from leaked audition tapes and a recent casting call:



Now, most of the time audition tapes use fake code names so that actors can secretly submit them to the studio for consideration. However, the lead male role of Tim is the same name as the character in the video game. So they may still end up using the same names as was used in the games.

The audition tapes we had found shows Australian actor Rarmian Newton (The Family) reading for the part of Tim. As well as actress Quinn Shepard (Hostages, The Miseducation of Cameron Post) read for the role of Lucy. The tapes actually reveal quite a lot. With Tim trying to find out what happened to his missing father Harry (his mother has since passed away) and being forced to bring this gruff-talking Pikachu (which he can only understand) onto this mystery. It also reveals that Lucy is a junior investigative reporter (with her Pokemon Psyduck) trying to uncover a story of how captured Pokemon are reverting and going wild on their trainers:

Rarmian Newton_Tim_Detective Pikachu from Rarmian on Vimeo.

Quinn Shepard – Gumshoe from jackiemedlin on Vimeo.

Detective Pikachu has no release date

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