EXCLUSIVE: Casting For Quigley Quagmire Has Begun For Netflix’s ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’

During the final moments from this years A Series of Unfortunate Events we see the Baudelaire Orphans enter the Prufrock Preparatory School with two other children who have also lost their parents in a mysterious fire. The two children sitting behind the Baudelaire’s happen to be the Quagmire Orphans; Isadora and Duncan. Their third triplet Quigley was also thought to have perished in the fire but was rescued by their mother. However, was then separated from the other two.

Now production on season 2 has been going on since April and will run through April of next year. It’s unknown if this casting will be for season 2 or saved for the already confirmed season 3. Now we at Omega Underground have exclusively found an audition tape which features child actor Cody James reading for the role of Quigley. Here is the first time Quigley meets Violet while looking for his siblings. In the books the two share a childhood romance with each other:

Cody James /Quigley Quagmire from Barbara Schroeck Torrance on Vimeo.


Violet – One of our parents has to be here. Jock Snicket said there was a survivor of the fire. 

Quigley – There is.

V – Where?

Q – Here. I survived the fire that destroyed my home.

V – Duncan?

Q – Quigley. Quigley Quagmire.

V – We thought you were dead! Duncan and Isadora said you perished in the fire.

Q – My mother saved me. She hid me in a secret tunnel down underneath our house.  And told me to wait there while she got my siblings. But…she never came back. Nobody did.

V – There was a secret passage underneath our house too!

Q – Then you know how dark those tunnels are.

V – What did you do?

Q – I walked. I read about of the VFD’s headquarters in the mountains. But I had to be careful. I knew whoever burned down my home was still out there. So I joined the snow scouts as a cover. I thought my brother and sister be here but they are gone.

V – Quigly they are safe. They escaped from Count Olaf in a self-sustaining hot air-mobile home.

Q – Where are they now?

V – Far away. But safe. They are brave and resourceful. It must have been terrifying to go through that alone.

Q – My mother said you learn bravery the hard way.

V – It’s easier to be brave when you have someone to share the fear.

Q – Like how Duncan and Isadora have each other. And you have Klaus.

V – And now you have us. We were hoping to find one of our parents here but it hurts less knowing we found a friend. When we get Sunny back we can solve the mystery’s that surround our families together.

Q – I know we will find her if she’s anything like her siblings. Shes brave and resourceful too.

A Series of Unfortunate Events will stream exclusively on Netflix in 2018

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