EXCLUSIVE: The Flying Graysons Will Be Featured in DC Comics ‘Titans’ TV Series

While this is sort of a no-brainer; we at Omega Underground have discovered another audition tape for DC Comics upcoming Titans TV Series. This audition tape is for the character “Ben Crossland” and is read by Canadian actor Tim Campbell (Hollywoodland).

As some of you might remember originally when the character breakdowns for the Titans themselves was released by our friends over at That Hashtag Show. The role of John Crossland was revealed to be for the role of Dick Grayson. Now since we have found a tape which features a Ben Crossland speaking to a young John we can confirm that The Flying Graysons will be featured in the show in some capacity.

We also revealed earlier today that the son of Tony Zucco (The man responsible for The Graysons deaths) will also be featured in the series.

Note: This audition script read is for the Crossland family who are singers. A substitution for The Graysons who are acrobats.

Tim Campbell Titans Ben Crossland from Irene Poole on Vimeo.

Wife – John, Come away from there.

John Crossland – But Mom you won’t believe how many people are out there!

Wife – But if they see you now it will ruin our big entrance

Ben Crossland – And it’s bad luck

John Crossland – You’re making that up

Ben Crossland – No, it is. It’s like a groom isn’t suppose to see his bride the night before the ceremony.

Wife – Don’t listen to him John. There isn’t any bad luck here tonight.

Ben Crossland – You ready to make some noise?

John Crossland – You bet!

Wife – Because you know what they say..

Ben Crossland – …a family that sings together…

John Crossland – Stays together!

Production on the series will begin November 14th in Toronto.

DC Comics Titans will stream exclusively on DC Digital in 2018

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