Amazon Studios Looking To Reboot ‘Lord of the Rings’ as a TV Series

This isn’t what I meant Warner Brothers when I wrote column two weeks ago stating fans want to return to Middle-Earth. Today, Variety announced that the Tolkien Estate along with Warner Brothers (after settling their feud earlier this year) is looking to adapt J.R.R Tolkien’s fantasy epic The Lord of the Rings as a television series.

This will surely come as a shock to many die-hard fans who consider Peter Jackson’s original trilogy in the earlier 2000’s one of the greatest fantasy trilogies in film history. The report goes on to explicitly state no showrunner or writer has boarded the project currently. With only Amazon Studios currently interested in picking up the show. There have been numerous sites stating that Amazon doesn’t have any real blockbuster series on their streaming platform like that of Hulu or Netflix.

It looks like Amazon wants to capitalize on fans from Game of Thrones with that series coming to an end in 2019. Which currently has the most Emmy wins by any TV Series in history. However, that being said. Not much is known about the project but it would have been nice if the series was an original story set within Middle-Earth that would compliment the original trilogy instead of rehashing the same thing. But then again it will be almost 20 years since Fellowship of the Ring…maybe it’s time for a reboot.

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