EXCLUSIVE: ‘Daphne and Velma’ To Face Zombies In New Movie Shooting In Georgia

We recently uncovered an audition tape for an actress vying for the role of Velma in a new live-action Scooby Doo spinoff feature film being produced by Ashley Tisdale.

However, we didn’t have any real concrete details on Daphne and Velma at the time. A new casting call Omega Underground has uncovered should shed some light on the Warner Bros. property.

The extras casting call for “high school students” happens to include a synopsis of sorts suggesting that the pair is facing-off against students turned into zombies/drones. This also suggests it could be an origin film of sorts.

“The two characters will be high school students who are brought together when Velma and Daphne suspect their fellow students are being turned into zombies or mindless drones.” 

Daphne and Velma is being labelled as a feature film but we can’t really confirm at this point if this will be getting a theatrical release. It would seem odd for Warner Bros. to make a direct to DVD/VOD film with talk the studio is rebooting the film franchise.

Anyways, it’s listed as starting production on November 15th in Kennesaw, Georgia. The city is 40 minutes northeast of Atlanta.


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