Marvel Television Developing an Untitled TV Series for the Disney Streaming Platform

Today, amongst all the Star Wars news a small tidbit about Marvel was also released. According to the reports that a live-action Star Wars TV Series was in development to stream on Disney’s upcoming platform. It was also revealed an untitled Marvel Television series will also stream exclusively on the App.

It’s unknown what this series will be but don’t fret Marvel Netflix fans. It was a fear that after the next sequel seasons of the core Defender shows (Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist & The Punisher) the deal with Netflix would effectively end. According to Ben Fritz of the Wall Street Journal, those shows (and any additional spin-off’s) will stay at Netflix. So what could this new show be?

Well, we did hear that Marvel wanted to adapt the Power Pack as a feature film but may ultimately end up on television much like The Inhumans. Another possibility was the half-hour comedy Marvel’s:  Damage Control being written by Ben Karlin. Lastly, the long-in-development John Ridley series could finally see the light of day. With many speculating it could feature Kamala Khan’s version of Ms. Marvel. Only time will tell what this series could be…

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