Sony Makes Deal To Finance and Distribute Tarantino’s 9th Film

After a big bidding war between multiple studios to finance and distribute Quentin Tarantino‘s untitled 9th film. Deadline reports that Sony has become the victor. Quentin started to seek new producing partners and studio once the allegations towards Harvey Weinstein made a business relationship with The Weinstein Company too toxic.

Harry Potter’s David Heyman is one of the lead producers.

Details are scarce concerning the project but the outlet still believes Charles Manson will be a centric figure, despite Quentin saying otherwise earlier in the week stating it’s more about the year 1969. My personal opinion is that the era would allow Quentin to tackle the Vietnam War, a subject of many of his favorite films (not unlike WWII and westerns).

Actors linked for the project include Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, Margot Robbie, Samuel L Jackson, and Jennifer Lawrence.

Nothing has been made official but it’s expected to begin shooting this summer in Los Angeles. A holiday release in 2019 is a likely bet since Tarantino’s last couple of films have benefited from a December/Christmas release date.

It’ll be curious to see if this means Sony is now out of the running for the James Bond deal and will put all it’s energy into this instead. This is a massive get for Sony’s Tom Rothman, who has been dragging the studio through the mud over the last couple of years. Hopefully the prestige of a Tarantino film can turn things around.


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