RUMOR: Ben Mendelsohn Playing Kree Villain Yon-Rogg, Not A Skrull?

Despite trade reports suggesting that Ben Mendelsohn‘s (now confirmed as joining the film) Captain Marvel villain will be a Skrull.

There is a new rumor coming from ThatHashtagShow that states Ben will, in fact, play Colonel Yon-Rogg. A Kree warrior and rival of Jude Law’s Mar-Vell that just happens to become a villain. The Kree are warlike conquers and it’s not terribly surprising they’d take a second turn at villainy, Ronan The Accuser being a good example.

A piece of concept art shown at SDCC17 had Carol Danvers fighting Kree soldiers along with Skrulls, so it’s possible both alien races are a threat. Also, other concept art shown to press earlier in the year suggested that Carol will also be facing a Kree Sentry (a giant alien robot) in an action sequence.

We’re treating as a rumor for now, but the character would make sense for an origin story.

Captain Marvel is expected to begin filming this February in Los Angeles and is set for release on March 8th, 2019.


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