‘Ant-Man and The Wasp’ Screenwriters Tackling ‘Highlander’ Reboot

We’ve been curious who Lionsgate and director Chad Stahelski hired to tackle their Highlander reboot. Last we heard in June, Chad was working closely with writers to hammer out the script while speaking with Collider.

Before I wrap up, what’s the status on Highlander? Are you still on it?

Stahelski: Still am. Currently writing.  Just a massive amount of writing.

However, it was never reported who those writers were.

Omega Underground has learned that the screenwriting duo of Andrew Barrer and Gabriel Ferrari are the ones currently penning this newest incarnation of Highlander. The pair recently worked on Marvel’s Ant-Man and The Wasp screenplay along with the upcoming thriller Die In A Gunfight.

It’s unknown if they’re reworking the Noah Oppenheim‘s (Jackie, The Maze Runner) version of the script or working on their own take.

We previously revealed they’re eyeing South Africa as a possible shooting location.

The original 1986 film saw an ancient Scottish highlander (Connor MacLeod) die on the battlefield only to return from the dead and banished from his clan with claims of the work of the devil. He later encounters a fellow immortal (Ramirez) who tries to train and teach him the rules all immortals have to abide by. The story then moves hundreds of years into the future to 1980s New York City, where his old foe returns for his prize, his head.

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Highlander is still without production or release dates, as Chad will shoot John Wick: Chapter 3 first as production on the third film begins next spring/summer.


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