EXCLUSIVE: Audition Tape For Recent Mysterious ‘Titans’ Character…Possibly Trigon?!

A lot is riding on DC Comics upcoming Titans TV Series. The show is being made exclusively for DC Digital streaming service launching in 2018. The show stars Brenton Thwaites stars as Dick Grayson / Robin, the leader of the Titans, alongside Anna Diop, Teagan Croft, and Ryan Potter as Starfire, Raven, and Beast Boy, respectively.

Now TitansPodcast.com has revealed a new character breakdown for a recurring character on the show. While they aren’t 100% sure who the role can be (casting calls usually use codenames) they suggest the role could be for Trigion; Raven’s demon biological father:

“[EVAN LOGUE]: Male, Late 30s-40s, Caucasian. Charismatic. A cult leader attempting to reunite his family. Central role for series finale. RECURRING GUEST STAR. Please submit star/cameo names. Casting early for wardrobe but the role works Ep. 111 (04/09-04/19) and Ep. 112 (04/19 – 05/01)”

After doing a bit of digging we at Omega Underground uncovered an audition tape for the role as well. The tape features actor Ian Duncan (Master of None, Broken News) reading for the role. Now we aren’t sure who this character is speaking to in the tape. Given there has been no recent breakdowns for an Anne character. However, it could very well be Trigion speaking to Raven’s human mother at the coven before the events of Titans. Or it could be for an entirely different character we have yet to discover. Never-the-less check it out!

Ian Duncan “Evan Logue” from Ian Duncan on Vimeo.

Evan Logue – “Do you know why I chose you, Anne? Because you are strong enough to accept the right path and denying all previous. But are you strong enough to stop those who are willing to destroy all that we have built.”

Anne – “Yes. I…I can be.”

Evan Logue – “Morality is a lie. People are imprisoned by it. Every rule you have been made to follow has pulled you away from your true self. There’s no freedom out there? There is no purpose to freewill, if we’re taught not to use it.”

Anne – “Tell me what you want and I’ll do it. Anything.”

Evan Logue – “I want you to be a god! I want all of you to be gods. Our father who watched you from the first cries of your birth. His heart has always been with you. Our father who was pushed down for only wanting to share the true knowledge of the universe. Our father who burns because he loves you all too much. Are you willing to return that love?”

Anne – “Yes!”

Evan Logue – “Are you willing to feel what he feels?”

Anne – “Yes.”

Evan Logue – “Prove it! Put your hand in the fire.”

Anne – “Just….a little bit….of pain”

Evan Logue – “Say it again.”

Anne – “Just a little bit of pain.”

Evan Logue – “Enough…..Now when they come for us. When they try to judge or hurt or punish us. Know that we….know that you; can fight their fire. Because you are stronger now and you know how to survive. There’s one more thing that I need from you Anne.”

Anne – “What?”

Evan Logue – “Help me teach the entire world the exact same thing.”


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