Netflix Announces ‘Bright’ Sequel; Director David Ayer and Star Will Smith Expected to Return

Bright took Netflix by storm last week when it was available for streaming everywhere. While many critics ripped Max Landis script apart most of the general audience thoroughly enjoyed the r-rated cop-fairytale mash-up film. Now thanks to 11 million streams over last weekend Netflix announced today that a Bright sequel has gotten a greenlight.

According to The Hollywood Reporter David Ayer will be taking over screenwriting duties for the sequel. The director typically writes his own films and revised Max Landis script for the original film. Will Smith is also set to return. Eric Newman and Bryan Unkeless are also returning as producers.

Bright takes place in a fictional Los Angeles filled with fairies, elves and magic wands while acting as an allegory for real-world race relations. It follows a veteran cop (Smith) who reluctantly takes on a new partner, an Orc played by Edgerton, and has to protect a magical wand from law enforcement, criminals and an array of supernatural characters.

Bright is streaming now on Netflix

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