Stallone Confirms ‘Expendables 4’ Is Still Happening – Statham and Schwarzenegger Returning?

There were reports that talks broke down during the development of Expendables 4 and Sly Stallone moved on to focus on other stuff including two Escape Plan sequels and Creed 2 (shoots in a couple months).

However, according to Sly’s social media posts, Expendables 4 back on.

Over the last couple of days, Stallone has been teasing the return of Expendables 4 back on track via Instagram and today all but confirming its happening with some returning cast members.


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Just when you thought it was safe to go outside…They’re coming back!

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Somethings just can’t be stopped! Coming your way!

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This is what you call Hardcore old-school ACTION ! It’s coming back…

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I think it’s safe to say Jason Statham is returning as he’s featured more than once in these Instagram teases. He’s expected to make Universal’s Hobbs and Shaw next with Dwayne Johnson, it’s expected to begin filming this summer as the studio has slated the release for July 26th, 2019.


Last year, Sly was super busy shooting both Escape Plan 2: Hades (filmed March-April 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia) and Escape Plan 3: Devil’s Station (filmed September-October 2017 in Mansfield, Ohio) with Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2 co-star Dave Baustia. It wouldn’t be terribly shocking if Dave joined Expendables 4 due to his rising action credits and working experience with Stallone.

Next is Creed 2 which will feature Expendables co-star Dolph Lundgren and is set to shoot from March 14th to May 16th in Philadelphia with a release date of November 21st, 2019.

Arnold Schwarzenegger told EW last year he was open to returning but would only do it if Stallone was in it and if his character had a stronger role. He’ll be busy shooting Tim Miller’s Terminator movie in Budapest starting in March (shooting at the same time as Creed 2).

“There is no Expendables without Sly,” Schwarzenegger said. “I would never do the movie without him, no.” 

“You know, I think the first and second one were terrific,” Schwarzenegger told E.W. “But, the third one, I thought my part was not written well. It was also not playing well in the movie, as far as I was concerned. Maybe other people believed differently. But I didn’t believe that I had any value in the movie. I love the franchise, by the way. I think it’s a spectacular franchise, The Expendables. I think that Sly has good ideas, what he wants to do with it, and I think if they write a really good script [in] which my part is very well-developed, I would do it. If not, then I won’t do it.”

Well look who drop by on Christmas! @schwarzenegger always fills the room with positive energy!

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Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan had been mentioned for roles in Expendables 4 before it got delayed, they would later team-up for the action film The Foreigner. It remains to be seen if they’ll be part of the movie.

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We had previously reported that they had been eyeing a shoot in China, this might have been connected to recent production deals with Chinese investors and possibly making it easier for Jackie Chan (along with Jet Li) to shoot it.

A one time, it looked like Stallone would direct Creed 2 but that won’t be happening. The last two films Sly helmed were Rambo and Expendables, so you can understand why he might be itching to return to the director’s chair but Creed 2 didn’t seem like that project. There’s a good chance since Sly couldn’t agree on a director, he just might do it himself after taking a nine-year break from directing (could explain why the IG posts are using images and clips from the original film).

Expendables 4 doesn’t have set production or release dates.


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