EXCLUSIVE: Lois Lane Could Be Finally Appearing On ‘Supergirl’

Lois Lane has been mentioned many times on The CW’s hit show Supergirl. In the first season, Lois’s younger sister Lucy Lane (played by Jenna Tatum) along with their father General Samuel Lane had a pretty long arc for the show. However, Lois nor did Clark Kent ever actually appear on the show until the creators got permission from the higher-ups at DC Entertainment. Then, just last season we had Clark Kent finally appear on the show played brilliantly by Tyler Hoechlin.

Now we at Omega Underground have exclusively uncovered that a casting call has possibly gone out to cast Lois for either the end of season 3 (which has been put on hiatus due to Andrew Kreisberg’s firing) or saved for season 4. We found an audition tape of actress Sarah Ceballos (Sector 17, Marge) reading for the part of Lois Lane:

Sarah Ceballos_”Lois Lane”_Audition from Sarah Ceballos on Vimeo.

Reporter-  “Tell me your relationship with Superman?”

Lois – “If I had a dollar for every time somebody asked me that question I’d be a millionaire. Just kidding! But my relationship with Superman is completely unpredictable, I never know when I’m going to see him, he’s always in and out-of-town. But that is also the fun part about it is that I’m constantly being kept on my toes and surprised. So I’m hoping one day and honey if your hearing this I’m waiting for that rock on my finger.”

Reporter – “And what is it like to meet Supergirl?”

Lois – “Well it’s funny you ask that! Supergirl is very down to earth. She’s kind and I think that it’s great that young ladies today have somebody to look up too. Especially, given the fact we continuously hear of these predators, are coming into the forefront and harassment being a big issue. I think it’s important they have someone to look up too.”

Supergirl debuts every week on The CW

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