Goyer Teases ‘Masters of The Universe’ Is In Pre-Production – Teela Confirmed

Last week, we revealed that Sony’s Masters of The Universe could be moving forward sooner than expected with David S. Goyer directing.

Well, this is seeming being backed up with a couple of official Instagram photos from Goyer himself. In the photos, David is looking at artwork with concept artist Carlos Huante (Hellboy, Star Trek Beyond, Prometheus, War of The Worlds, The Real Ghostbusters, Men In Black), who we’ve confirmed is working on Masters of the Universe in the art department and identified to be in these photos.

Carlos and David previously worked together on Blade: Trinity.

The first image sees the two looking over artwork back on December 14th, this was two weeks after it was reported he was in talks for the directing gig. This could also confirm that he’s landed the gig if they’re already working on the film’s production design.

Just werkin through lunch

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The second one has them developing Teela character art, which is clearly labeled on the lower right corner of the monitor.


“So right around here, I am looking for MORE COWBELL”

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Masters of The Universe has the release date of December 18th, 2019.


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