Director Tim Miller Working On ‘X-Men’ Spin-Off ‘143’ – Could It Be The Solo Kitty Pryde Movie?!

Today, Deadline announced that Deadpool and Terminator director Tim Miller has been hired by Fox to work on a new X-Men spin-off movie mysteriously titled 143. The report mentions that the film is “hush-hush” at the studio but does mention comic book writer Brain Micheal Bendis has been hired to pen the script. Bendis has been behind such Marvel properties like Miles Morales, Jessica Jones and The Runaways. He also helped along with others consult on many earlier films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe before the group was disbanded.

It should be noted that last month it was revealed by Collider that Tim Miller was already working on another X-Men spin-off that would focus solely on Kitty Pryde played by Ellen Page in the original trilogy. What’s interesting that out of all the X-Men comics Uncanny X-Men #143 focuses on Kitty Pryde during Christmas fighting a demon in an empty X-Mansion (via Marvel Database). So, these two projects could actually be one and the same.

:: Update :: – The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed the two projects are indeed one and the same based on Uncanny X-Men #143.

Kitty Pryde Solo Film ha no set release date

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