EXCLUSIVE: Actresses Audition For ‘Terminator’ Lead Dani Ramos – Mexico Setting Confirmed?

Director Tim Miller (Deadpool) might be developing a new X-Men spin-off film (focusing on Kitty Pryde) over at Fox but will first direct a new Terminator sequel for Skydance/Paramount with James Cameron producing.

Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger are conifrmed to be returning with the film acting as a direct sequel to T2 and will ignore the last three movies.

One of the new lead roles in the film is Dani Ramos, an 18-year-old Mexican female. It seems like there is an open casting call for Dani, as Tim Miller and Paramount are still seeking to fill that role.

Omega Underground has exclusively uncovered several audition tapes for the untitled Terminator sequel which features young hopefuls such as Spanish actress Mariana Salazar, Venezuelan actress Daniela Leal, Latin-American actress Joey Marie, Mexican actress Diana Vizcaya, Mikaella Poirrier, Viv Lozano, Elizabeth Ramos, and Italian actress Antonella Ferrari auditioning for the lead role of Dani Ramos.

Locales we’ve previously reported on included Spain (we confirmed), Hungary (Budapest’s Origo Film Studios), and possibly the United Kingdom. Seeing a couple European actresses in the mix helps support this.


RAMOS – Things got a little crazy back there.

SOLDIER – Crazy? Standard operating procedure from here I’m from.

RAMOS – Why don’t you tell me where you’re from? What’s it like there?

SOLDIER – What’s that?

RAMOS – Don’t worry it. They are hazing us for work. They learn to stay clear of trouble. And you sure….look like trouble. They’re so mad. They don’t understand about all this. What’s happening now. How is it even possible?

SOLDIER – I can’t help you with that.

RAMOS – You can’t? Or you won’t.

SOLDIER – Affirmative.

RAMOS – Will you at least tell me why? I mean why me?

SOLDIER – I assume you are someone of great importance. Not that you have been all that impressive so far.

RAMOS – I’m not that impressed with you either! You don’t even know why you’re here, do you?

SOLDIER – You came here breathing. Don’t know. Don’t care to know.

RAMOS – Tell me. You don’t even give a shit but I do. I have a life back there. People I care about. People who care about me beyond keeping me breathing. I’m some great importance to them. I had a family! I mean, I had a family. Now I’m gonna be sick from where I got bit. Like it? Bus accident, the big one. I was 14; when they pulled me from being under. It made the news. Even in the States. They gave me candy to come. Like candy can make you forget the pain. The weight of all that’s twisted is still buried down. I never have to glance again you know?

SOLDIER – You want to understand where I come from. You already do.

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RAMOS – My mom told me scars make the skin stronger. We are almost to Nogales! What do you think we will find there?


In the audition, the character of Dani is seemingly talking to a soldier from the future on the way through Nogales, Sonora, Mexico (we suspect Spain will double for Mexico in the film), it borders with Arizona which will likely be another locale set in the film.

We’ve seen both Tim Miller and James Cameron cast lesser-known actors in a bigger role before. A good example would be unknowns like Brianna Hildebrand as Deadpool’s Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Sam Worthington in Avatar, so seeing Miller search for a newcomer to play Ramos isn’t terribly surprising if they’re looking to start a new trilogy.

Although, we’re not ruling out someone known being cast.

The Dani Ramos role does create more questions than answers.

The new question becomes will this take place before or after Judgement Day?

Mexico has strong connections to the first two Terminator films and it’s not a locale really explored too heavily during the post-Judgement Day era. It remains to be seen how Arnold and Linda Hamilton factor into all of this. I’m curious if Nogales and Mexico itself will be a major setting in the film which has been suggested in the past.

Our friend Jeff Sneider of TrackingBoard, revealed Ramos and possible Mexico setting back in November.

Previously, we revealed that Terminator’s crew will include cinematographer Ken Seng (Deadpool), stunt coordinators Philip J Silvera (Deadpool) and Freddy Bouciegues (Future Man, Justice League) along with production designer Sonja Klaus (Prometheus).

Filming was on track to begin next month (supported by Arnold) but we haven’t heard word on concrete production dates. If they’re still looking to hire their new lead it’s unknown if they’ll be ready for March.

Paramount has slated the release date for The Terminator on July 26th, 2019.


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