Robert Eggers Eyeing Spring Start For ‘Lighthouse’ – Reunites With ‘The Witch’ Crew

A24 and New Regency are moving forward with Robert Eggers’ (The Witch) next film The Lighthouse which has Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe attached to star.

The fantasy horror story set in the early 1900s is penned by Eggers and will focus on an aging lighthouse keeper (Dafoe) in the East Coast province of Nova Scotia, Canada. It will be incorporating various sea-faring myths.

We’ve learned they now plan on starting filming this spring and since Eggers shot The Witch in rural Northern Ontario (Kiosk) to get that authentic wild look for 1600s New England it wouldn’t be terribly shocking if they shot on location in Nova Scotia as the script calls for it.

Filming in Atlantic Canada isn’t very expensive and there are plenty of existing locales they could use without having to build sets.

Speaking of The Witch, Robert will be returning with the film’s cinematographer Jarin Blaschke and production designer Craig Lathrop on the new film.

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Anya Taylor-Joy was attached to take a role in Eggers’ Nosferatu before pivoting to The Lighthouse, so there’s a chance she could still have a role but would likely depend on New Mutants reshoots and her scheduling.

The Lighthouse is currently without production or release dates.


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