‘Ready Player One’ Art Director Joins Bradley Cooper’s ‘Deeper’

Last fall, it was revealed by Deadline that MGM wanted to pair actors Bradley Cooper and Gal Gadot for their psychological film Deeper written by Max Landis.

A disgraced astronaut embarks on a mission to reach the bottom of a newly discovered oceanic trench, theorized to be the lowest point on Earth. He encounters an increasing level of danger and soon finds himself in a psychological (and physical) fight against mysterious forces.

Director Kornél Mundruczó (White God) has started assembling crew members.

We’ve now learned that Ready Player One‘s art director Mark Scruton (Gravity, Fury, Jason Bourne) has joined Deeper as their production designer.

It remains to be seen when they’ll begin shooting (was expected this spring/summer) as Gal Gadot will be busy with Wonder Woman 2 over the summer. There is a chance they could wait until that is finished or go ahead with a recasting as she was only “in early talks” and was never confirmed as taking the part.

MGM had been planning on filming Deeper in Budapest, Hungary.

The drama is currently without production or release dates.




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