EXCLUSIVE: ‘Bloodshot’ Casting Underway For Film’s Henchmen

Recently, it was announced that Vin Diesel has signed on to play Bloodshot in an upcoming feature film based on the Valiant Comic. The film will be directed by Dave Wilson making his directorial debut. Wilson has connections to Deadpool director Tim Miller and their production company Blur Studios. The film is also being written by Arrival scribe Eric Heisserer; who was also nominated for an Oscar in 2016.

Just last week we at Omega Underground reported the film is expected to start production this July in Prague. Now we are back with a couple of audition tapes which feature Irish actor Ciaran McCourt (The Sparticle Mystery) and Joel Jackson reading for the part of So Long a henchmen working for Rising Spirit Technologies. They are the secret military organization that bring Ray Garrison back from the dead as Bloodshot. With the use of nanotechnology he is trained to be a living weapon but they also completely wipe his memory.

The second video features stage actress Jasmine Cephas Jones who is known for playing the dual roles of Maria Reynolds and Peggy Schuyler in Hamilton LIVE! reading for the part of KP. Which appears to be another henchmen that is more compassionate towards Bloodshot in their secret training facility.

bloodshot audition from Ciaran McCourt on Vimeo.

Joel Jackson – So Long, BLOODSHOT, US Accent from Joel Jackson on Vimeo.

:: Scene 1 ::

Off Screen Henchmen 1 – Not very talkative

Henchmen 2 – I know. We broke him.

Off Screen Henchmen 1 – That’s what you get for being a living computer. Haha.

Henchmen 2 – Haha yeah! Maybe we should his head in rice!

Off Screen Henchmen 1 – That’s for phones you moron.

Henchmen 2 – I know…that was…the joke.

Off Screen Henchmen 1 – But that’s not you. It’s not. Oh forget it.

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:: Scene 2 ::

Henchmen 2 – Oh am I interrupting bath time? Oh that’s right! I forgot you can’t talk. The truth is you don’t have control over your own body. No we just shove you aside while we watch as we shut down your body functions. Look at you? So angry.  So driven. You think you’re a good guy? Oh God, that’s fucking hilarious man. That’s hilarious. Cause your just an asshole with revenge butting the wheel I’m pushing. Of course I get tired of babysitting you and training your pale ass over and over but it’s this moment right here right now. That makes it all worth wild. [Pulls out photograph] Gina, sweet sweet Gina. You believe it. You believe it every fucking time you believe it. You believe that Gina is dead. I maybe an asshole. I know. But your our toy solider.  We just wind you up and point you towards your next victim and let you go. Then we bring you back here and we wipe your memory. And we make you forget. Are you ready to forget again? You ready? Oh God, I’m going to enjoy nailing you again dick basket.

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