MCU: Russo Bros Tease ‘Secret Wars’ and Elizabeth Olsen Wants To Explore ‘House of M’ Story

The future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Phase Four and beyond seems to be a little unknown but some options seem to be wiggling their way via Avengers: Infinity War interviews.

Back in 2016, the Russo Brothers spoke with Collider revealing to them that they’d love the chance to take a crack at an MCU version of Wolverine.

This seems to be a genuine next step in the future of Marvel Cinematic Universe as Hugh Jackman stepped away from the role after Logan and has championed his replacement along with the X-Men being poised to return to the hands of Marvel once the Disney acquires 21st Century Fox.

Talk has been that Marvel Studios is most keen on making Wolvie the first Fox character added to the MCU.

While the Disney/Fox merger isn’t expected to take effect until the summer of 2019 (at the earliest) GamesRadar was able to get the Russo Brothers on the Infinity War press tour to double-down on their desire to have access to X-Men’s heavy-weight Wolverine when asked about their favourite Marvel characters.

It would probably be Wolverine,” says the elder Russo. When I remind him that, with a Fox deal potentially on the horizon, we could be getting it sooner rather than later, Anthony swoops in and says “Yeah, maybe one day…

We could be close,” says Joe Russo firmly, setting the resting heartbeats of the collective fandom just a little higher. 

How or when this comes together has yet to be revealed but The Russos have also hinted to Internaute that Secret Wars could be something they might tackle in the future. There has been chatter the studio is indeed interested in more cosmic adventures.

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“We’ll say that if that Fox deal goes through with Disney there are a lot more characters to work with all of a sudden,” said Joe Russo. “It would be interesting to do something like ‘Secret Wars’…”

Something like an Avengers installment taking cues from Secret Wars could be excellent avenues to have Avengers mingle with characters like X-Men, Silver Surfer, and Fantastic Four along with using threats like Galactus, Kang The Conquer, and Doctor Doom.

Scarlet Witch actress Elizabeth Olsen also has some movie ideas of her own, suggesting to Metro that she “would love” to do a standalone based on the House of M story

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