Universal Apparently Shooting A New ‘Doom’ Movie In Bulgaria

On the heels of video game films such Tomb Raider and Rampage making some coin at the box office, studios will attempt to keep making more films based on established games with comic book projects drying up. Projects like Duke Nukem and a Mortal Kombat remake are on their way to screens soon.

It was just announced that a classic first-person-shooter is getting a film reboot as well.

Danish actress/singer Nina Bergman has announced on her Twitter account that Universal Pictures is looking to make a new Doom movie and she’s landed a role in it. Also, Nina mentions that filming will take place in Bulgaria, the same upcoming filming locale of Expendables 4.


She doesn’t mention who will be co-starring and director but promises a better script than the disappointing first film which had future stars Dwayne Johnson, Karl Urban, and Rosamund Pike in lead roles.

Nina might be best known to genre fans from her Wonder Woman fan-made short film playing a Nazi-punching version of Diana, which we likely won’t be seeing in the DCU. It’s proof she has some action chops.

It’s interesting that a new feature film could be on the way at the same time there is an expected announcement for Doom 2 from video game developers Bethesda.

The production hasn’t hit our radar and let’s keep in mind that Universal hasn’t made any official announcements.


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