Jonathan Kasdan Wants To Be Involved With A ‘Lando’ Film – Teases Bossk and Lobot

Solo: A Star Wars Story co-writer Jonathan Kasdan spoke with ScreenRant and revealed a desire to be involved with a Lando movie. Presumably that would see Donald Glover reprise the role.

“First of all I’m dying to see a Lando film. I would help in anyway I was asked to. I think that’s a great movie. I mean, I think you know one of the things though that’s interesting is, I want to see a Lando film very similar way to the way I think Larry was excited by a Han film. Which is in this movie, Lando gets to occupy, the role that Han occupied in the earlier films, which is he doesn’t have to carry the burden of being the protagonist. He gets to have all the jokes. He gets to be the foil, you know. So one of the tricky challenges of making a Lando movie is, suddenly Lando is at the center of it. He, somebody else is going to step into that role of being the, maybe even Han, you know. So it’s a fun universe to play around and then think about what we can do with it. Certainly, as much as Larry insists he’s done, he couldn’t have – we couldn’t have written a movie more pregnant with possibility for future adventures, so I don’t trust him a hundred percent.”

He also hinted to adding Lando’s cyborg buddy Lobot and having bounty hunter Bossk in a possible Solo sequel.

“Well, if there, and if there is a Lando movie, it’s hard to imagine doing it without Lobot.”

“I was trying to get them in the movie, you know, very hard. And I think that if there’s ever another one of these, you’re going to have to either kill me or Bossk will be in it.”

This is sort of the first time anyone from the creative team suggesting that a Lando anthology film is a possibility. Stemming from the expected success of Solo, there are plenty of options for more films.

There is talk of a Solo trilogy, Kenobi is said to be shooting next year and the Boba Fett movie is apparently still alive and well. It seems a little odd that we are getting mostly male centric anthologies, but it is a good improvement to see talk of a black lead taking the lead role.

Nothing had been made official concerning a Lando movie.


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