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Netflix’s ‘Sabrina’ Casts Miranda Otto as Her Strict Aunt Zelda

Netflix’s ‘Sabrina’ Casts Miranda Otto as Her Strict Aunt Zelda

Several days ago it was revealed that comedian Lucy Davis (Wonder Woman) had been cast as Sabrina Spellman’s quirky understanding adoptive Aunt Hilda. Now today Variety is reporting that Lord of the Rings and 24: Legacy star Miranda Otto has been cast as Sabrina’s more strict Aunt Zelda. Zelda believes there is no greater honor

‘Wonder Woman’ Star Lucy Davis Joins ‘Sabrina’ as Quirky Aunt Hilda; Others Join The Cast

Today, Deadline announced that The Office UK and Wonder Woman star Lucy Davis has joined the cast of Netflix’s upcoming Sabrina: The Teenage Witch reboot series. Lucy Davis will play Sabrina’s adoptive quirky Aunt Hilda. Who along with her sister Aunt Zelda raised Sabrina after the death of her parents. The untitled series will be

EXCLUSIVE: Actresses Audition For ‘Terminator’ Lead Dani Ramos – Mexico Setting Confirmed?

Director Tim Miller (Deadpool) might be developing a new X-Men spin-off film (focusing on Kitty Pryde) over at Fox but will first direct a new Terminator sequel for Skydance/Paramount with James Cameron producing. Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger are conifrmed to be returning with the film acting as a direct sequel to T2 and will ignore the last