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Darkseid’s Arrival Teased In Recent ‘Batman v Superman’ Stills?

Darkseid’s Arrival Teased In Recent ‘Batman v Superman’ Stills?

Today, new images have surfaced online from Empire UK upcoming magazine issue. It seems to tease the coming of Darkseid himself into the DC Expanded Universe. This comes after rumors have circulated for years that Justice League Part 1 & 2 would focus on Darkseid as the antagonist: It clearly shows the Omega sign on

Producer Simon Kinberg Confirms ‘Gambit, Deadpool and…Fantastic Four’ are in the X-Men Universe?!

Today, JoBlo post a set interview with writer/producer Simon Kinberg and his involvement on future X-Men films. The producer goes onto confirm that in one way or another Ryan Reynold’s Deadpool and Channing Tatum’s Gambit are indeed in the bigger X-Men universe. However, he also says the recent Fantastic Four film is also in the

Actor Danny Trejo Campaigning For ‘Lobo’ in a Future DC Movie?

Yesterday, during all the madness concerning all the upcoming DC Comics films one small thing slipped by. Actor Danny Trejo from The Machete films posted randomly on his official twitter account a artist rendering of him as the “main man” Lobo. Intergalactic bounty hunter. Many wondered if this was him confirming he was cast in

Ray Fisher’s ‘Cyborg’ Feartuette Hits For DC Comics

Along with all the other members of the Justice League; Cyborg gets his spotlight in this new featurette. Stage actor Ray Fisher talks about taking on this classic Teen Titans hero in his first feature film incarnation as well as his powers and ability’s. He will be seen in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Jason Momoa’s ‘Aquaman’ Movie Featurette Hits Online

Today, during DC Films Presents: Dawn of the Justice League a small behind-the-scenes featturette debuted on each member of the Justice League. We got our first footage of Wonder Woman but also hear Jason Momoa talk about playing the King of the Ocean Aquaman as well as the films movie banner: Some concept images also