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Official Promo Stills From ‘Star Wars The Force Awakens’

Official Promo Stills From ‘Star Wars The Force Awakens’

Lucasfilm (via The Playlist) has released a slew of new promo and behind-the-scenes stills from Star Wars The Force Awakens. Most of these were shown during the Star Wars Celebration but a much better quality. We get to see a mix of behind the scenes images of J.J. Abrams with the cast including the new droid

‘Star Wars Battlefront’ Just A Repurposed Version Of ‘First Assault’ ?; Plus First Stormtrooper Image

EA has tweeted out this first full look at the Stormtrooper design from their upcoming game Star Wars Battlefront. The game is expected to give gamers an updated experiences on the battlefield within the Star Wars universe, this possibly suggests you will indeed get to play for the Empire as a trooper. Not to mention

Patty Jenkins Closes Deal To Direct ‘Wonder Woman’

The Hollywood Reporter seems to refute the recent rumor from Collider with word that Patty Jenkins (The Killing, Monster) will replace Michelle MacLaren as director of Wonder Woman, not Angelina Jolie. Patty had been originally hired by Marvel Studios to make Thor: The Dark World only to be replaced herself by Alan Taylor, after hero

RUMOR: Angelina Jolie Courted To Direct Both ‘Captain Marvel’ and ‘Wonder Woman’

We’ve been hearing about Marvel’s desire to hire Angelina Jolie (Unbroken) for Captain Marvel for a couple of months, which originated from an article from OK back in February. A new rumor coming from Collider suggests that Angelina is indeed being courted for Captain Marvel director’s chair, along with Warner Bros’ new interest in her for