Benefits from owning several websites for one business

Benefits from owning several websites for one business

Ever heard of URL redirects? Have you ever mistyped a website address and still landed on the right page anyway? How about typing a basic sandwich spread and being redirected to one of the world’s best peanut butter brand?

Try this: type and see where that web address leads to – awesome, right? Now imagine how many new customers are made and how many possible lost visitors got right back using this method.

Pointing multiple URLs to the same website is a great way to direct traffic to your site from different domain names. This is doable in two ways: either redirect a URL to your primary domain or make an alias for one of the URLs, which will point the domain towards your primary domain.

Multiple website domains are a good option for many reasons, including having a local au domain with multiple states being served but are still using one primary site. It’s also a good add for organizations that have a diverse branch of product/service line and operating in a bigger operation. It’s also suitable for established businesses that have already built a good reputation and are backed up with budget and workforce. Here are more details:

Geo-specific site address. Businesses that sell services in multiple cities may find it more beneficial to create multiple sites to handle all locations. For instance, if you run a senior care center in Melbourne, Hobart, and Adelaide, creating a geo-specific site for each of these markets can lead to more benefits for your business.

Highlight different brands or services separately. Businesses that sell more than a single brand or offer multiple services may be better off splitting each one onto its site. Splitting off brands and services to different sites can make niche market sales easier.

Boost affiliate marketing. Many sites earn from affiliate marketing. Developing value-rich site content around a single affiliate leads to lesser search engine penalties than operating a single site that links multiple affiliates. For example, a small site with 10 – 12 articles focusing on a single topic with a single affiliate page won’t be considered spammy compared to a site linking to dozens of different affiliates.

Get rid of one-website failure. Utilizing a multiple site model also safeguards you if something happens to one of your sites. If a site is down due to security or technical reasons, you can continue operating other sites to generate business for you. Multiple websites also let you add and remove products and services without needing to update multiple contents and change links because each site is self-contained.

Note that this is for businesses with actual different sites and not just redirect domains

In summary, you need to consider if your business can take advantage of any of the benefits above, which are all derived from owning multiple website addresses. If you’re keen on trying out this strategy, simply go to your trusted registrar and find the au domain you want. Make sure to secure a domain when available since they can be snapped at any time.

In any case, do ample research before going with multiple websites, but no one knows your business better than you. If you know that multiple websites will be beneficial to your business, then by all means – go for it.