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Marvel’s ‘Agent Carter’ Gets Cancelled; ‘Most Wanted’ Gets Put On Hold

Marvel’s ‘Agent Carter’ Gets Cancelled; ‘Most Wanted’ Gets Put On Hold

Marvel announced today that they will not be giving Agent Carter a third season to the dismay of many fans of the series. The show followed Agent Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) as she was tying to find her place in a 1950’s world as a woman and an a secret agent. They also announced they

Whitney Frost and Blackwing Cast In ‘Agent Carter’; Maggia Crime Family The Big Bads?

Variety is reporting that comedian Ken Marino (Veronica Mars, Bad Milo, Wet Hot American Summer, Reaper) will play Maggia Crime Syndicate boss Joseph Manfredi, who also just happens to be Daredevil villain Blackwing. He won’t be the only Maggia member mixed into the new cast as Whitey Frost aka Madame Masque will be played by Newsroom‘s Wynn

Norman Reedus and Cat

Diversity Aboveground: Accepting Homosexuality

The world has come a long way in the acceptance of others. In the majority of the western hemisphere and Europe, homosexuals are allowed to marry or at the very least, have civil unions. Many are given rights against discrimination. Even in countries without any laws to help homosexuals, populations are becoming more and more


Diversity Aboveground: Does Supergirl Soar or Suck?

Earlier this year, the first preview for the new Supergirl television series was released. The concept of CBS airing a DC television series on Monday nights at 8 PM was mind-boggling alone. The preview itself was divisive. In one corner were fans and viewers who were excited about the first show headlined by a DC

Tammy and her grandmother

Diversity Aboveground: Flashback Friday- Tammy

Sometimes, there are works in the media that are ahead of their time or mis-categorized. They either fail or have a mediocre following before plunging into dark forgotten regions of Riley’s brain like Bing Bong. In Flashback Friday, those forgotten gems will be explored. This week it’s… Tammy was a dramedy released in time for

Marianne and Dawn

Diversity Aboveground: Strange Magic

Judging from its abysmal box office of less than thirteen million, most people didn’t see Strange Magic when it was released earlier this year. Perhaps it will have better luck on May 19th when the film will be released on physical and digital devices. Why does Strange Magic matter? First of all, the film revolves