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Ridley Scott Might Make Disney’s ‘Merlin Saga’ – Talks ‘Alien’ Future and ‘Blade Runner 3’

Ridley Scott Might Make Disney’s ‘Merlin Saga’ – Talks ‘Alien’ Future and ‘Blade Runner 3’

  Variety reports that Ridley Scott has sent an olive branch to Walt Disney Pictures and is in talks to direct a film based on the fantasy Merlin Saga books by T.A. Barron. They focus on a young Merlin way before the Arthurian legend. The Merlin Saga will be penned by Oscar-winning screenwriter Philippa Boyens, who

Fox Had Plans To Shoot Ridley Scott’s ‘Alien: Awakening’ Next Summer

You might remember that Ridley Scott suggested he was keen on returning to Australian stages to shoot his third installment in his Prometheus trilogy tentatively titled Alien: Awakening after a positive experience making Alien: Covenant there. It looks like Ridley wasn’t just blowing his signature cigar smoke. Omega Underground had learned that at one time Fox

Ridley Scott’s ‘Alien: Covenant’ Sequels Being Reassessed By Fox Due To Poor Box Office

Another tidbit coming from TheHollywoodReport states that 20th Century Fox is now reconsidering/reassessing giving the go-ahead to Ridley Scott‘s two Alien: Covenant sequels (one with the working title Alien: Awakening). At one point Scott suggested the projects could be shot in Australia again. However, the mixed reception and weak box office returns have put those

SPOILERS! ‘Alien: Covenant’ Cements The Saga Belongs To Michael Fassbender

I decided instead of writing a limited and haphazard spoiler-free review of Alien: Covenant, I’d focus more on where the state of the franchise is after this released and what the future holds for Ridley Scott’s potential sequels. BE WARNED IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN ALIEN: COVENANT THERE ARE SPOILERS GALORE IN THIS ARTICLE! We’ve known

REALITY CHECK: Ridley Scott Has Zero Plans Or Reason To De-Age Ripley For Future ‘Alien’ Films

The internet became a buzz recently when Empire Magazine asked director Ridley Scott if they could find a way to use a de-aged version of Sigourney Weaver‘s Ripley in future Alien films. Scott’s polite response was ” you could do that”. A non-committal answer but this didn’t stop sites from rushing to assume this was actually