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CinemaCon 17: 20th Century Fox Panel

On the final day of CinemaCon 17 20th Century Fox started off the show with an amazing light show with hip-hop performers. They then dove right into their upcoming 2017 slate of films with tons of exclusive trailers! They first kicked off their presentation with an extended trailer for the previously released Captain Underpants. This

CinemaCon 2017: Universal Studios Panel

Entering Universals panel this year I had hopeful anticipation for an introduction into their soon to be reestablished Universal Monster Universe. Unfortunately, there was no slate or future title confirmations just yet but they rewarded us with a killer montage of the classic black and white Universal Monsters. Showing us the way to a new

CinemaCon 2017: Paramount Pictures Panel

Paramount  Pictures is aiming to hit hard this year with their 2017 film slate. Starting off strong with the cast of Baywatch showing us a brand new trailer deemed “FUchsia” rated. Baywatch seems incredibly reminiscent of the comedy that made the 21 Jump Street remake so great and with a cast including Dwayne Johnson and Zack

CinemaCon 17: Walt Disney Studios Panel

Kicking off the final panel for Tuesday was Walt Disney Studios. While the panel itself was less than 15 minutes long they did go over all 5 of their major subsidiaries. Which included Walt Disney Animation, Pixar, Disney Live-Action, Marvel and Lucasfilm. Showcasing that 4 out of the 5 subsidiaries each had a film in

CinemaCon 17: STX Films Panel

A newcomer to the film studio game STX Studios has in its own words started hitting the market with films at a breakneck pace with a relentless film schedule for the next two years. Garnering big names for their 2017 slate with casts including Tom Hanks, Emma Watson, Jackie Chan and Mark Whalberg.  Starting this year’s

CinemaCon 17: Sony Pictures Panel

CinemaCon 2017 kicked off last night with the first studio panel for Sony Pictures. The studio rolled out all their future films from live-action to animation. After showing us the opening scene of the film Sony brought on stage the stars of Baby Driver as well it’s director Edgar Wright. Wright went on to explain