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Fairy Tale Fortnight

Diversity Aboveground: The Female Origins of Fairy Tales

Diversity Aboveground: The Female Origins of Fairy Tales

This week’s column is in conjunction with Fairy Tale Fortnight on The Book Rat & A Backwards Story! All of our lives, we’re taught that fairy tales were written by men. As we get older, fairy tales aren’t supposed to be as glamorous. Their Disneyfication is stripped away and all their flaws laid bare. Fairy

Miles Morales is Spider-Man

Diversity Aboveground- Why Marvel NEEDS Peggy Carter and Miles Morales

Almost since its premiere, “Agent Carter” has been the subject of speculation, pleas and emotional blackmail over whether there would be future seasons. On one hand, it seems like a logical conclusion. “Agent Carter” perfectly filled the gap between “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”‘s winter and spring premieres eliminating the complaints about too many reruns in a

Lucious and Cookie Lyons

Diversity Aboveground: An Empire and a Rogue

Why is “Empire” everyone’s new favorite show? Could it be the strong women? Maybe it’s the diverse cast? Perhaps the classic themes presented in a new way? Of course, the music certainly doesn’t hurt. This was the ninth straight week that the ratings have improved on the previous week. It’s almost unheard of in this

Thrilling conclusion of Zodiac Legacy: Convergence

Diversity Aboveground: Marvel Legends Form a Zodiac Legacy

With a story devised by Stan Lee and Stuart Moore and illustrated by Andie Tong, you might be surprised to find out The Zodiac Legacy: Convergence is a 464 page novel. Aimed at the middle school set, the book has appeal to those of all ages. The first character introduced is Steven Lee. As a

Colin Firth as Galahad

Diversity Aboveground: Folly of the Kingsman

SPOILERS BELOW   Advertised as being from the same creative team that gave theatres “X-Men: First Class”, audiences discovered that “Kingsman: The Secret Service” had much more in common with their earlier film, “Kickass”. It was filled with both irreverence and enough blood to make one wonder if it was based off an anime rather

Diversity Aboveground: Minorities Meet Hurdles

February 24th is the season finale for “Agent Carter”. So far, the show revolving around Marvel’s Peggy Carter working for the SSR has been almost perfection in how to create and maintain a serialized drama. Carter is a strong character who bows down to no man and simply wants her accomplishments acknowledged as she tries