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Tom Hardy’s ‘Fonzo’ Will Be Shooting In Vancouver

Tom Hardy’s ‘Fonzo’ Will Be Shooting In Vancouver

Ever since Deadline reported on the new Al Capone film Fonzo starring Tom Hardy and written/directed by Josh Trank we’ve been extremely curious about the project. Alfonse Capone, the ruthless businessman, and bootlegger who ruled Chicago with an iron fist before being famously taken down by Eliot Ness. After nearly a decade of imprisonment, dementia

Tom Hardy’s Al Capone Film ‘Fonzo’ Shooting In May; Locations Include Atlanta and New Orleans

Another big production update this time concerning Tom Hardy‘s upcoming gangster flick Fonzo. Written and directed by Josh Trank the film will chronicle the rise to power of notorious Chicago¬†gangster Alfonse “Fonzo” Capone. Deadline recently reported that Hardy was attached for the role of Capone. Tom Hardy is attached to play all-time American gangster Al