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‘Gambit’ Will Indeed Shoot In New Orleans As Location Scouting Begins

‘Gambit’ Will Indeed Shoot In New Orleans As Location Scouting Begins

We’ve known for years that Channing Tatum had big plans to bring the production of Gambit to the city of New Orleans. However, there seemed to be a little bit of a question if those plans would stick after two directors parted ways and Gore Verbinski‘s recent hiring. As a producer, Tatum has some sway on

EXCLUSIVE: Immortal Supervillain Candra Expected For ‘Gambit’ – Are The Externals Coming?

Omega Underground has recently learned from a source with knowledge of Gambit‘s character lineup that telepathic X-Men supervillain Candra The Benefactress aka Red Death will be appearing in the solo film. The villainess controls both mutant New Orleans gangs the Thieves Guild (Gambit) and Assassins Guild (Bella Donna), with Remy LeBeau’s origins being the focus of

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Gambit’ Audition Tape Explores Bella Donna Relationship – Candra Will Appear

Fox’s Gambit spinoff is quickly coming together after two director hiccups and major script rewrites. Our friends over at SplashReport revealed some possible details on the film, along with a rumor that the studio wants Daniel Craig as villain Mister Sinister. The studio has also announced that Gambit will be released on February 14th, 2019.

X-Men Spin-Off ‘Gambit’ Set To Hit Valentines Day 2019

Earlier today we at Omega Underground revealed the working title for Channing Tatum’s upcoming X-Men spin-off movie Gambit. We went on to speculate that the film could land the untitled Fox/Marvel release date of February 14th, 2019. Well, it only took a few hours but that was confirmed! Box Office went on to confirm that

Working Title For Channing Tatum’s ‘Gambit’ Revealed

Looks like Channing Tatum’s Gambit spin-off X-Men film is finally getting off the ground. After being in development hell for the past several years; it seemed the film would never get made. However, just like Ryan Reynolds and Deadpool; Channing Tatum stuck with it and is still very much set to star as the raging