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The family of Halal in the Family

Diversity Aboveground: Family Outing

Diversity Aboveground: Family Outing

Do you remember those family sitcoms where junior or sister got into a bit of a mess? One of the parents had to intervene and the dad gave a lecture but it was all resolved in less in 30 minutes so they ended up having a huge laugh about it? The whole episode started with

New ‘Star Wars Battlefront’ Game Blasts It’s Way Online With Reveal Trailer; Releases In November

Today, Electronic Arts has released the reveal trailer for their first Star Wars game since the merger with Disney. This is our first real look at what they’ve put together for Star Wars Battlefront. The trailer starts-off in the forests of Endor, then flashes over landscapes on Hoth and other various planets. There’s even a

‘Star Wars Battlefront’ Just A Repurposed Version Of ‘First Assault’ ?; Plus First Stormtrooper Image

EA has tweeted out this first full look at the Stormtrooper design from their upcoming game Star Wars Battlefront. The game is expected to give gamers an updated experiences on the battlefield within the Star Wars universe, this possibly suggests you will indeed get to play for the Empire as a trooper. Not to mention