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Green Lantern Not Expected To Appear in the DCEU Until ‘Justice League 2’

Green Lantern Not Expected To Appear in the DCEU Until ‘Justice League 2’

Today, Entertainment Weekly had a massive issue all based on the ever expanding DC Extended Universe in celebration for this months release of Batman. v Superman: Dawn of Justice. In some unsurprising news producer Greg Silverman revealed that they may save Green Lanterns entrance into the DCEU until Justice League Part 2. “[Green Lantern] is

FEATURE: Ten More Supervillain-Led Comic Book Movies That Should Happen

Normally, comic book movies feature the heroes as the protagonists. However, that’s about to change with this summer’s Suicide Squad, the first major CBM to be told from the villains’ perspective. Antagonists such as Deadshot, Harley Quinn and The Joker headline this movie, with writer-director David Ayer proclaiming that it’s time for “Bad vs. Evil.”

Tyrese Hints He’ll Be Joining Chris Pine in GREEN LANTERN

Over the past week, rumors began to swirl that Chris Pine was actually up for the role of Hal Jordan in Justice League, and the eventual Green Lantern reboot. Pine had been linked to the role of Steve Trevor in Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman, where he’d play the fighter pilot who discovered Diana’s Amazonian world,

This Chris Pine GREEN LANTERN Rumor Just Won’t Die

Yesterday, we kind of got burned on a “hot rumor” El Mayimbe was circling via his Instagram account concerning British actor Sam Strike. It looks like he’s got another one today and we’re going to be even more cautious from now on. Basically, a lot of these trade journalists and bloggers are washing their hands of