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James Gunn Reaffirms 2020 Release For ‘Guardian of The Galaxy 3’

James Gunn Reaffirms 2020 Release For ‘Guardian of The Galaxy 3’

Well, it looks like we have an idea when we’ll see Guardians 3 released. James Gunn has teased again on Facebook that it will on its way in three years, alluding to it being released sometime in 2020. “In a little under three years.” He said the same thing back in May. “Thank you so much,

FILM REVIEW: ‘Guardians 2’ Builds On The What The First One Did and Kicks Us In The Heart

It’s been clear since James Gunn first announced plans to write and direct the sequel to the much-beloved Guardians of The Galaxy that family would be its centric theme. However, I never could imagine how much Guardians of The Galaxy Vol.2 would move beyond just Peter Quill aka Star-Lord (Chris Pratt) and his relationship with his

Jennifer Lawrence Teases Desire To Be Apart of ‘Guardians of The Galaxy’ Over ‘X-Men’ Movies

Could actress Jennifer Lawrence be trying to make a jump from the X-Men franchise to the Marvel cinematic universe? The Oscar winner jokingly told MTV during a Passengers press junket alongside Star-Lord himself Chris Pratt that she’d rather play Mystique in one of the Guardians of The Galaxy films than another X-Men installment. This might reveal