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Diversity Aboveground: An Empire and a Rogue

Diversity Aboveground: An Empire and a Rogue

Why is “Empire” everyone’s new favorite show? Could it be the strong women? Maybe it’s the diverse cast? Perhaps the classic themes presented in a new way? Of course, the music certainly doesn’t hurt. This was the ninth straight week that the ratings have improved on the previous week. It’s almost unheard of in this

Taron Egerton Eyed For Han Solo Role In ‘STAR WARS’ Spin-Offs?

Forget X-Men and Spider-Man, it looks like Kingsman‘s Taron Egerton might be setting his sights a bit bigger. As The Sun (via The Daily Mail) reports that producers are strongly considering hiring Edgerton for the role of a young Han Solo in the┬áStar Wars spin-offs. They’re also saying that the role is for both the