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Erin, Jillian, Abby and Patty

Diversity Aboveground: New Ghostbusters Info

Diversity Aboveground: New Ghostbusters Info

Now that more has been released about the new Ghostbusters film, is it still about female empowerment? Erin Gilbert (Kristin Wiig) has a doctorate in Particle Physics, specializing in spectral entities. This alone is pretty awesome. Females with Ph.Ds are pretty rare in film as it is and she’s applying it throughout the film’s plot

The Original 1985 Jem television series

Diversity Aboveground: Return of the Jem

Jem, once an animated series from 1985-1988, has returned to multiple formats. Unlike the resurgence of My Little Pony, Jem is not getting a revamped animated series but there is a feature film and comic book series from IDW. The comic book is on the third issue but the film won’t be released until October

Marianne and Dawn

Diversity Aboveground: Strange Magic

Judging from its abysmal box office of less than thirteen million, most people didn’t see Strange Magic when it was released earlier this year. Perhaps it will have better luck on May 19th when the film will be released on physical and digital devices. Why does Strange Magic matter? First of all, the film revolves