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Another Hero For ‘The Punisher’ Teased By Marvel – Will It Be Marc Spector?

Another Hero For ‘The Punisher’ Teased By Marvel – Will It Be Marc Spector?

We’ve been hearing for years that Marvel TV is looking beyond The Defenders and that new heroes are going to getting second wave shows in the near future. Rumblings that characters such as Moon Knight, Blade, and Ghost Rider are on deck to get their own solo series have been making the rumor-mill rounds for ages.

‘Moon Knight’ Might Not Be Heading To Netflix; James Gunn Has A Movie Idea

Marvel Studios and Marvel Television have an embarrassment of riches as the two production divisions have been mostly successful with their superhero projects. Marvel Television has proved with series like Daredevil and Jessica Jones the television arm can have the same impact and create buzz liken to their feature film counterparts. However, how they determine which

Gabriel Luna Suggests ‘Ghost Rider’ Netflix Series Could Happen; Wants Blade On The West Coast

  During an interview with ComicBook,  Ghost Rider actor Gabriel Luna revealed that Marvel has deals in place for a Ghost Rider franchise that could include a Netflix series. “It’s been talked about, there’s definitely deals in place for that potential. But I just take it one day at a time. I have so much fun

RUMOR: ‘Moon Knight’ Might Be Getting A Netflix Series

While guesting on the recent episode of Collider Heroes, Heroic Hollywood’s Umberto dropped the rumor that Marvel Television is developing a series for Moon Knight. We’ve actually have been hearing for ages that since the Moon Knight rights reverted back to Marvel, they’ve been tinkering with ideas of where to place him, not unlike Daredevil and Punisher.