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Simon Kinberg Reportedly Still Scripting A ‘Star Wars’ Film – Is It An Anthology?

Simon Kinberg Reportedly Still Scripting A ‘Star Wars’ Film – Is It An Anthology?

So, you might remember that Simon Kinberg was writing a Star Wars project with Lawrence Kasdan which eventually became the failed Josh Trank anthology film that was supposed to be next installment after Rogue One. Well, Trank sort of imploded publicly during the Fantastic Four disaster and his tattered working relationship with Kinberg led to

Christan Bale Open To ‘Star Wars’ Role and Gary Oldman Wants To Join The Marvel Cinematic Universe

A while back it had been rumored that Oscar-winner Christian Bale (The Fighter, The Dark Knight, American Pyscho, Hostiles) was eyed for a role in Solo: A Star Wars Story. Well, it looks like that was true as Bale confirms to the HappySadConfused podcast there were talks and he’s still open to the idea of

Director Reed Morano Has Met With Lucasfilm For A Future ‘Star Wars’ Movie

During an interview with HollywoodReporter, Handmaid’s Tales director Reed Morano revealed meeting with Lucasfilm’s Kathy Kennedy about a potential future Star Wars project. Reed is currently filming the Blake Lively thriller The Rhythm Section from Bond producer Barbara Brocolli. Currently shooting Paramount’s La Femme Nikita-esque The Rhythm Section with Blake Lively in the lead and Barbara Broccoli producing, Morano wasn’t

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Cast

FILM REVIEW: Star Wars: The Last Jedi

What would happen if they made a Star Wars film that was more character driven than focusing on battles and lightsabers? Rian Johnson answers this question in Star Wars: The Last Jedi; the most thoughtful installment in the whole series. It’s easy to entertain an audience with explosions and pretty locations. It’s much harder to

RUMOR: ‘Mr. Robot’ Creator Sam Esmail Might Pen ‘Star Wars’ Anthology Script

Some interesting intel came to Omega Underground yesterday and we had to sit on it for a little bit before posting it. Now, we’ve had two separate sources telling us Lucasfilm is looking to have Mr. Robot creator Sam Esmail write a Star Wars anthology film. They’re claiming that he’s taken pitch meetings (like many others have

BIG RUMOR: ‘Kenobi’ and ‘Boba Fett’ Movies Might Be Announced Soon

There’s been some rumbling concerning the Star Wars brain trust meeting in January and the expectation of Kathleen Kennedy announcing new anthology projects at Star Wars Celebration this month in Orlando. A possible report from Star Wars News Net (posted on Thursday, not part of April Fools) might be revealing what those plans could be. Take