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Sony Hires ‘Red Sparrow’ and ‘Baby Driver’ Stunt Coordinator For ‘Venom’

Sony Hires ‘Red Sparrow’ and ‘Baby Driver’ Stunt Coordinator For ‘Venom’

With the production start on Sony’s Venom movie coming later this month, we’ve been keeping a close eye out for details and crew hirings for the film. Previously, Omega Underground revealed that Weta Digital would be tackling the film’s visual effects and that Spider-Man: Homecoming‘s production designer Oliver Scholl would be crafting the look of

‘Venom’ Casting Call Seeking Actors To Play Mercenaries

Production on Venom aka Antidote is coming together as Omega Underground has spotted a casting call for actors to play mercenaries. *ANTIDOTE* Mercenaries -Males and Females (18-40) -Military and Law Enforcement Experience  Shooting will take place between October and February.   It’s interesting to see mercenaries in the film as it’s possible that Venom and

Weta Digital Handling Visual Effects On Sony’s ‘Venom’

Yesterday, we revealed that due to crew hiring issues we’d see a delay on the production start of Sony’s Venom, moving from a start date of September 1st to October 23rd.  Well, Omega Underground has some reassuring news concerning the visual effects team that should ease fans worried about the production. We have learned that

UPDATE: ‘Venom’ Production Start Delayed Until Late October

Omega Underground has been closely keeping tabs on the production of Sony’s Venom movie aka Antidote. The film will have Tom Hardy star as Eddie Brock directed by Ruben Fleischer along with Spider-Man: Homecoming’s production designer Oliver Scholl recently joining the film. As we’ve previously reported the Spider-Man spinoff is confirmed to shoot in Atlanta and New

Sony’s ‘Venom’ Movie Begins Hiring Atlanta Crew Members

Omega Underground previously confirmed that Venom aka Antidote would be shooting in Atlanta and New York City this fall. The solo spinoff will be directed by Zombieland’s Ruben Fleischer and Tom Hardy starring as Eddie Brock. A new call for Atlanta crew members further cements a fall shoot for the Spider-Man spinoff. Our good friends over at ProjectCasting have