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Drew Goddard’s ‘X-Force’ Still Happening – When It Could Shoot/Release

Drew Goddard’s ‘X-Force’ Still Happening – When It Could Shoot/Release

Surprising only a very few, it looks like Drew Goddard‘s X-Force is on track to still be made. Deadline originally reported that Goddard would write and direct the film, squashing previous claims that Joe Carnahan was set to become the writer-director for the gig. We have an update from our good friends at DiscussingFilm, they’ve heard

Drew Goddard To Write and Direct ‘X-Force’ Movie

Drew Goddard was brought on to polish the script of Deadpool 2 ahead of filming. We expected this involvement would lead to a gig on another X-Men film and it’s been confirmed. Now, Deadline reports that 20the Century Fox has hired Drew to write and direct X-Force. There had been rumors that Joe Carnahan would

SDCC17: 20th Century Fox Panel Becomes A Solo ‘Kingsman 2’ Panel

SDCC17 INFO: The Kingsman and The Statesman are kicking off Comic-Con 2017. Taron Egerton, Colin Firth, Halle Berry, Channing Tatum, Jeff Bridges and Pedro Pascal will be joined by screenwriter Jane Goldman and Kingsman co-creator and Comic-Con legend Dave Gibbons. The panel will be moderated by Jonathan Ross. KINGSMAN: THE GOLDEN CIRCLE  IGN has posted the new Red Band trailer ahead of the panel! Fox is kicking off #SDCC2017 today with

REALITY CHECK: Marvel Confirms Josh Brolin’s Contract Doesn’t Conflict With Cable Role

It was recently announced that 20th Century Fox and X-Men producers had cast Josh Brolin as Nathan Summers aka Cable in a four-picture deal that includes Deadpool 2, Deadpool 3, X-Force, and an untitled fourth X-Men project. Of course, sites smelling a snappy headline pushed the fabricated theory that this would mean that Josh Brolin