Comparison between Vimer CNC Laser Cutting Machines and CNC Router Machines

Comparison between Vimer CNC Laser Cutting Machines and CNC Router Machines

Virmer CNC laser cutting machines and CNC router machines are those machines that receive signals from computers and execute the task.

The operator can process various items with a prototype that meets all requirements. Lasers use heat to cut material, as opposed to friction, as routers do. With better control over angles and complex patterns, the Virmer Co2 laser cuts shape precisely.

Computerized CNC cutting is a contraction of CNC numerical control. A computer controls the CNC router machines.  A programmed system heads a CNC to receive and understand instructions from the computer before guiding the cutter through the process. It is a portable device that can cut hard materials like foam, wood, aluminum, and steel. Among other carpentry tools, it can serve as a panel saw, boring machine, and spindle molder. With CNC cutting, a specialist creates a template based on the customer’s needs using software such as CorelDraw or AutoCAD, when the creator is satisfied with the design.

Advantages of CNC cutting

  • Unlike manual labor, CNC machinery can work continuously for long periods.
  • They are more accurate and precise in their work than manual machines.
  • Fewer people are needed to operate computers.
  • People with less skill or training can operate CNC, unlike manual lathes, milling machines, etc.
  • The software can produce different parts with ease and speed, Allowing operations according to customer demands.
  • They are entirely safe to use, unlike other computers.
    • Flexibility is essential when using machines.
    • Making signs for CNC cutting is everyday use.
    • Carpentry also includes cabinet making and woodworking.
      • Retailer
      • Plastic manufacturers
      • Building a boat; Engineering metal construction; stage architecture and theater; Shopkeeper.    

A laser cutter

As with CNC routers, a computer system controls the laser cutter. Unlike routers, which use friction to cut material, lasers use heat.

The laser’s odd precision makes it possible to cut designs at angles and complex patterns with greater control. A powerful light beam burns metal material in laser cutting. In laser, a motion control device cuts the fabric.

The route is then targeted by an immersed laser beam, causing it to melt, burn, or vaporize, leaving a flawless edge and shape with a premium finish.

Lasers are often used in delicate manufacturing processes that involve the cutting of silicon, making the method a valuable tool in making high-tech components, including semiconductors, solar panels, and microelectronic devices.

Advantages of laser cutting

  • Highly accurate cut with precision
  • Laser cutting machines are highly efficient, accurately reproduce the desired design, and use less energy when cutting sheet metal.
  • Able to handle tasks of varying difficulty levels
    • Faster than traditional mechanical cutting techniques, with greater sheet utilization and less waste, laser cutting is a flexible technology that can be used to cut or burn a variety of shapes, from simple to complex.
    • Laser-cutting applications include manufacturing firms, mining companies, engineering corporations, and electronic device manufacturers.

One difference between CNC routing and laser cutting is the engraving quality:

1. Engraving quality

A laser engraving machine has higher accuracy than a CNC router machine, with tool precision parameters in addition to machine performance because the diameter of the laser machine’s light source is much smaller, and the CNC router itself has a particular range.

2. Engraving equipment

When choosing an engraving material, applying a coating to the metal surface is possible because deep engraving with a laser on metal surfaces is complicated. A CNC router computer can cut and engrave to precise depths.

3. Device’s computer system

Unlike a CNC engraving machine, which uses a tool for contact engraving, a laser machine is for non-contact material processing. Thus, flat engraving does not require workpiece repair.

The vacuum table that serves as the basis of the modern CNC router machine uses gas suction to maintain the stability of the material on the table.

4. Device age

A laser tube is usable for a laser machine. Depending on the equipment used, any laser tube has a limited lifespan, and the user must replace it with a new one.

There is no time limit on how long a CNC engraving machine can be used, but tool wear may occur. When it is worn, the tool must be reconditioned.

5. How different manufacturing techniques affect the environment.

Because the laser machine uses heat to treat the material using a laser beam, toxic gas can be produced during engraving. The CNC router machine will not pollute the air, but wood chips or waste residues will form during the engraving process, so an exhaust device or air purification system should be installed.

Clean the surrounding area near the processing table after the engraving process.

Additionally, a vacuum cleaner can be installed on a CNC router machine to collect waste and debris in real-time into a dust bag as the material is engraved, reducing emissions.

6. More experienced

Laser systems offer more significant advantages for engraving graphics. Unlike a CNC router machine, it can engrave JPG images directly onto the plate.

7. Investing

One of the essential advantages of CNC cutting is how inexpensive it is, especially when compared to laser cutting.

Due to its low cost, Various industries use virmer CNC machines.

A laser cutter is more expensive than a CNC cutter because of its cost, but it is also more costly because of its high power consumption.

Final Manifestations

These two pieces of equipment will undoubtedly help your productivity. Although lasers seem the most popular, it depends on your unique needs. Despite being more expensive, laser engraving offers excellent features.

Unlike a laser, a CNC router offers simple patterns at a lower cost but doesn’t create innovative and precise designs. This is what you would expect from this type of machine.