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BBC Unveils Trailer For DOCTOR WHO Season 9

BBC Unveils Trailer For DOCTOR WHO Season 9

As San Diego Comic-Con is underway, one of the convention’s biggest draws made a giant leap forward. The BBC series, Doctor Who, now on its ninth season of the relaunched series, and its thirty-fifth overall, usually dominated Hall H on Sunday afternoon, sending Comic-Con off in a big way until the next year. But this

Marvel Studios Not Coming To Comic-Con; Will They Hold Their Own Fan Event Instead?

I’m sure nerds will be crying-fowl from the news via James Gunn that Marvel Studios won’t be attendingĀ Comic-Con this year. However, we don’t actually know what the studio’s plan actually is at the moment. Just because they aren’t planning on attending Comic-Con doesn’t mean they won’t be doing a special event down the line. Marvel