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Extensive Reshoots for ‘Justice League’ Are Getting Complicated and Expensive

Extensive Reshoots for ‘Justice League’ Are Getting Complicated and Expensive

The process of reshoots on big budget movies is becoming a common occurrence now and it doesn’t necessarily mean a movie will be good or bad. However, the reshoots for Justice League are causing other issues for Warner Bros. and DC. It’s starting to get very expensive for the studio and the stars scheduling is

Tyrese Hints He’ll Be Joining Chris Pine in GREEN LANTERN

Over the past week, rumors began to swirl that Chris Pine was actually up for the role of Hal Jordan in Justice League, and the eventual Green Lantern reboot. Pine had been linked to the role of Steve Trevor in Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman, where he’d play the fighter pilot who discovered Diana’s Amazonian world,

Robert Kirkman Says BATMAN V SUPERMAN Is An Uphill Battle; Doesn’t He Have A Point?

A lot of fans are sharpening their pitchforks for Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman who spoke to EW at SXSW. Giving his personal opinions on the differences of success of the Marvel Studios films and the DC Comics adaptations from Warner Bros., along with the future of the DC slate. He mentions how Batman V

This Chris Pine GREEN LANTERN Rumor Just Won’t Die

Yesterday, we kind of got burned on a “hot rumor” El Mayimbe was circling via his Instagram account concerning British actor Sam Strike. It looks like he’s got another one today¬†and we’re going to be even more cautious from now on. Basically, a lot of these trade journalists and bloggers are washing their hands of

SHAZAM! Could Be Coming Sooner Than Expected; James Wan Directing?

While on the Oscar red carpet MTV was able to get a small update concerning Shazam from Dwayne Johnson who will play villain Black Adam in the film. He reveals that the movie might get made sooner than expected as the script is coming in. “You know, it may happen a little earlier than what

FEATURE: Nine Upcoming Superhero Movies That Could Gross $1 Billion at the Box Office

Grossing more than $1 billion at the worldwide box office is a rare feat accomplished by only nineteen films so far, four of which are comic book movies. The Dark Knight (2008) and The Dark Knight Rises (2012) both surpassed this prestigious mark, cementing Batman’s status as a cultural icon. Meanwhile, Marvel’s The Avengers grossed