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James Mangold Confirms ‘WOLVERINE 3’ Is Hugh Jackman’s Final Bow

James Mangold Confirms ‘WOLVERINE 3’ Is Hugh Jackman’s Final Bow

A couple of days ago Hugh Jackman posted an image on Instagram/Twitter while wearing his iconic Wolverine claw on one hand with the quote “one last time”. Some suggested this was referring to X-Men Apocalypse but Jackman has been developing Wolverine 3 closely with director James Mangold for a while now and was attached to

World-Building The ‘X-MEN’ Cinematic Universe: PART TWO

In Part One we talked about projects in production/in-development or on the table. Now I’m going to focus on projects that Fox could consider but haven’t really talked about in a major way. When it comes to the modern superhero genre, I’ve been shocked that Fox hasn’t given a female mutant their own feature film. It’s

World-Building The ‘X-MEN’ Cinematic Universe: PART ONE

All this talk of cinematic universes and we’ve seemingly overlooked the huge potential that Fox’s X-Men franchise holds. People keep talking about a crossover with Fantastic Four, but that seems such shortsighted compared to how big the X-Men character catalog actually is. We’ve only seen a glimpse of the scale the studio could go with the

Hugh Jackman Cryptically Reveals ‘WOLVERINE 3’ Could Be His Last Time Playing WOLVERINE

A vague Instagram from Hugh Jackman is getting everyone in a tizzy that he might be retiring Wolverine, since he doesn’t mention X-Men Apocalypse by name he most likely is referring to Wolverine 3 which shoots early next year. At this moment Jackman is rumored for cameo in the upcoming X-Men film but its unconfirmed by Singer

Bryan Singer Looking To Cast Psylocke In ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’; Are They Setting-Up ‘X-Force’?

Jeff from The Wrap has revealed on Meet The Movie Press that Fox and Bryan Singer are currently casting for the role of Psylocke in X-Men Apocalypse, but doesn’t mention names. It’s another fan-favorite character not unlike Jubilee and Gambit that Fox is finally giving us, like Jubilee was given a bit of screentime as

Will A NEW MUTANTS Movie Replace X-MEN 4 Giving Us A New Team?

There’s been a huge curiosity what Fox has planned next for their X-Men franchise. One project that’s been kicking-around for six-seven years is one people don’t really tend to talk about. Producer Lauren Shuler Donner first mentioned development on a New Mutants film in 2009, confirming it’s been pitched to the studio and I think people have just

Ryan Reynolds Hopeful Critical Fans Will Embrace DEADPOOL; Why Shooting In Vancouver Is A Bonus!

Ryan Reynolds has arguably been the biggest champion of the Deadpool movie, even before he landed the role of Wade Wilson for X-Men Origins: Wolverine. It’s been a passion project for Ryan for ages and is finally going to start production, with it’s release less than a year way coming next February. He sat down

WOLVERINE 3 Starts Filming Early 2016 According To Director James Mangold

Today, director James Mangold announced that Hugh Jackman‘s next X-Men installment Wolverine 3 will begin filming early next year to make it’s it’s 2017 release date. The film has been rumored to also have Professor Xavier appear in the film played by Sir Patrick Stewart. @R_0_B_89 early next year. — Mangold (@mang0ld) March 5, 2015 The Wolverine

Hugh Jackman Admits Openness For A Wolverine Cameo In DEADPOOL

During a brief interview clip from MTV Hugh Jackman reveals he’s still very friendly with Ryan Reynolds praising the actor and how he’ll nail Deadpool in the new film. Also slightly teasing his willingness to make an appearance in the film as Wolverine.   “Ryan, I’m really good friends with and I’m happy for him

Mutants Perfect For X-MEN APOCALYPSE’s Setting Of 1983

We’re starting to get a real sense of the characters Bryan Singer hopes to include into X-Men Apocalyspe, which he’s been confirming multiple times is set in 1983. New/rebooted characters include Apocalypse, Storm, Jean Grey, Nightcrawler, Cyclops, and possibly a new version of Angel/Archangel. Singer hasn’t rebooted the timelines to the point it means characters