The 7 Best Personal Finance YouTubers

The 7 Best Personal Finance YouTubers

In the modern world, YouTube is flooded with individuals ready to assist people like you in taking charge of their finances. These influencers are video bloggers, or vloggers, who favor visual content above textual content.

You’re at the correct spot if you’re seeking well-liked videos about money. You only need to know where to go to get the abundance of financial advice available on YouTube.

Here are seven YouTubers you should start following to improve your financial future.

1. Graham Stephan

Graham Stephen is a young American YouTuber who enjoys a large number of subscribers on his youtube channel—more than three million. Those are outstanding figures, and Stephan deserves them since he has amassed a sizable fortune, produces films on schedule, and is a fun person to be around.

Stephan, a Los Angeles native, began his journey toward wealth by entering the real estate market at the early age of just18. After failing to get into college, he decided to devote his time to selling properties, where he discovered that he was good at it.

In 2016, he moved on to YouTube, where he began posting videos on how to profit from real estate. He has inspired millions of people on his channel by sharing ideas on real estate and wealth in general.

2. Meet Kevin

Most people lost jobs over the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic; most businesses couldn’t open. However, that wasn’t the case for Kevin Paffrath and his spouse Lauren;  they were bringing in more than $1 million a month in income for the first time.

He advocates that people amass wealth by investing in reliable sectors. He also encourages people to take loans from reliable loan matching services like

Kevin is a renowned personal finance coach. He began his career in real estate, with Lauren’s expertise, purchasing a fixer-upper in 2012 for $305,000, spending almost all of their funds, and leaving barely $8,000 for improvements. Profitable operations let them see their future direction.

3. Jordan Page, FunCheapOrFree

YouTube does not limit personal finance only to films showing how wealthy people have become. Sometimes, how money is generated is not as important as how it is handled and made to go further. This is where Jordan Page, whose YouTube channel is about spending restraint, frugality, and overall sound money management, comes in.

Jordan offers a welcome diversion from the more normal personal finance content. She focuses on making every dollar count since she is a mother to eight children.

4. Chelsea Fagan, The Financial Diet

Chelsea Fagan hosts the Financial Diet, a terrific channel with hardly any real estate conversation. The channel has been active since 2015 and has amassed close to 900,000 followers. It asserts that it “talks about financial planning in a manner that doesn’t inspire you wanting to curl up in a ball and weep” and adopts a refreshingly new perspective.

Financial Diet channel uses a diverse range of speakers who bring their knowledge on several subjects; join Chelsea Fagan as she leads the discussion.

5. Jeff Rose, Wealth Hacker

Jeff Rose of Wealth Hacker aims to build wealth through investment and passive income, showing his audience new ways to achieve financial independence.

He employs a “think like a tycoon” mentality and investigates the steps millionaires make to keep their wealth. He provides tips on attitude and productivity, as well as money tips and cash traps to avoid.

6. Nate O’Brien

In 2020, Forbes magazine listed Nate in the top nine Young YouTubers.

He has created an excellent YouTube channel with more than 1.25 million followers. It is full of helpful information for anyone looking to enhance their lifestyles and increase their financial security.

Nate O’Brien also maintains profiles on other social networking sites, like Twitter and Instagram, where he offers free advice about how to amass wealth and lead a fulfilling life that is not covered in the classroom.

The typical selection of films from Nate O’Brien includes subjects including investment, side jobs, and passive income. However, he also has a powerful minimalist tendency, and like any self-respecting financial planning channel, he shuns showy spending.

7. Jack Chapple

This YouTuber takes a different method by fusing the well-known talking-to-camera technique with some professionally made documentaries about which he gives the narration. Canadian Chapple has been working since 2016, and his videos have around 50 million views and over 470,000 followers.

This channel offers standard information on investment, side businesses, stock market trades, and some of the economic forces at play today. Chapple’s macroeconomic perspective on economic concerns offers a realistic and thought-provoking look into how circumstances outside direct control affect our lives and wallets.

Bottom Line

The popularity of these and other channels demonstrates millennials and others realize financial self-reliance and accountability are more important than ever. Many of the past’s certainties and safety nets are gone, so young people must mature or risk a lifetime of financial hardships.

It’s amazing to see these people encourage hard work and common sense. Some reasonable counsel and excellent examples are given, but not everyone can accomplish what they have.