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Benedict Wong as Wong

Diversity Aboveground: Marvel’s Diversity Improving?

Marvel Studios has taken a lot of criticism that seems to increase with every year. It’s 2016 and still no Black Widow solo film. Doctor Strange, despite the box office numbers, did have boycotts. Black Panther is still 16 months away. Captain Marvel won’t premiere until over a year after that. Characters in the LGBTQUIA+

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Second Rounds On Us Podcast

Second Rounds On Us Podcast – Power Rangers Spoiler Review

That brand new episode is here with Tommy James, Mr. A-Town Ryan,Mista Malave and BigE sit down and breakdown Power Rangers! We all seen it together and now it’s time for the spoiler review! SPOILERS AHEAD!!!!!!! If you’ve seen the movie listen in, if you haven’t and don’t care listen in, if you havent and

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FIRST LOOK: Jesse Eisenberg Revealed as ‘Lex Luthor’

Today starts the clock on exactly one year until Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters. One of the most controversial casting for that film was casting The Social Network star Jesse Eisenberg as Superman’s arch-nemesis Lex Luthor. Well, now thanks to Entertainment Weekly we get our first glimpse at the bald Jesse Eisnberg

Will A NEW MUTANTS Movie Replace X-MEN 4 Giving Us A New Team?

There’s been a huge curiosity what Fox has planned next for their X-Men franchise. One project that’s been kicking-around for six-seven years is one people don’t really tend to talk about. Producer Lauren Shuler Donner first mentioned development on a New Mutants film in 2009, confirming it’s been pitched to the studio and I think people have just

First Trailer for SPL 2 Starring Tony Jaa

Tony Jaa is working hard to make his return as the next big martial arts star, after his career seemed to falter just after it got started. But with his new role in Furious 7 being one of the most talked about from early screenings, it seems Jaa may be quickly on the rise again.