Best Influencer Marketing Agency

Best Influencer Marketing Agency

Influencer marketing strategies have gone from an elite marketing channel to “there is something for everyone” in a matter of years as it has become a sure-fire way for marketers to get their brand the desirable positioning in the industry as 93% are already leveraging its best benefits. (Source- Social Publi)

Without a doubt, brands collaborate with the best influencer marketing agency, such as Grynow Media, to leverage the best out of the substantial influence of the popular content creators as 61% consumers trust influencer recommended products, meanwhile, only a mere 38% trust branded content. (Source- Shopify).

Are you wondering how this company makes this possible through their strategies? Keep reading to find out what they do and how they achieve success for brands in record time.

What is an Influencer Marketing Platform?

In a nutshell, an influencer marketing platform provides end to end solutions to brands including influencer discovery, ideation, strategy and planning, as well as execution, management & monitoring of the influencer marketing campaign. 

A top influencer marketing agency like Grynow Media curates personalised campaigns for brands tailored to their niche and goals. Their influencer marketing experts thoroughly analyse the competition to find the most lucrative positioning which they create through refreshing content strategy.

Doing so allows brands to target their prospects at the most crucial point of their decision-making process, as 51% marketers state that effective influencer marketing allows them to acquire better quality leads. (Source- Smart Insights).

Furthermore, a visionary agency like Grynow Media not only onboards influencers after careful calculations of brand goals, but also focusses on building meaningful influencer relations, rather than just partnerships. This allows them to retain the influencer for further collaborations of mutual benefit of the brand as well as the creator.

How to Choose the Right Influencer Marketing Platform?

Here are a few key characteristics to take note of while choosing an influencer platform to collaborate with:

a)    Diverse network of social media influencers-

Having a diverse influencer pool of credible creators is crucial. This allows brands to work as per their goals and budget as they get the liberty to work on the right platform with the right creator. Thanks to best practices like this, brands are able to achieve up to 11 times better ROI as compared to banner ads. (Source- Convince and Convert)

b)    Understanding of the current influencer marketing landscape-

As the influencer marketing industry continues to grow and evolve, it becomes essential for the influencer marketing agencies to constantly revising their practises and strategies to continue achieving success for brands. Keeping up with changes in how brands approach creators to rolling out a campaign allows agencies to create campaigns which are fail-safe by default.

c)     Striking influencer marketing campaign management strategy-

Executing and managing linear campaigns is simple enough for any agency. However, when it comes to integrated campaigns or influencer marketing strategy involving multiple creators and social media platforms at once, the process becomes highly complex. Thus, the right agency should have the tools & knowledge to streamline & automate manual process, resulting in simpler workflow.

What Can You Achieve with Top Influencer Marketing Company?

Brands have been able to achieve multiple goals through top influencer marketing services worldwide. As of August 2022, 32% brands using influencer marketing increased engagement as their biggest achievement, followed by 19% brands gaining a lift in their social media traffic, and 11% brands enjoying a spike in their brand metrics. (Source- Statista)

Other goals achieved include conversions, increased web traffic, increased positive sentiment, sales lift, more efficient ad spent, and lower content production cost.

However, the most crucial result of an effective influencer marketing collaboration is the comprehensive evaluation of a brand’s positioning as compared to its competitors and understanding which target strategy will yield best outcome for the brand.

Best Practises Followed by Top Influencer Marketing Platforms

Here are a few influencer marketing practices that make a platform great:

a)    Prioritising authentic and genuine content over pushy and salesy marketing

b)    Choosing social media influencers whose niche, content, style and values resonate with the brand and their products.

c)     Trusting influencers when it comes to what will work best with their audience.

d)    Using clearly defined key performing indicators (KPIs) to measure the progress and results of a campaign.

e)    Compensate the influencers fairly for their time, effort and influence.


To sum up, it is crucial to choose your influencer marketing partner after careful consideration of factors such as their competency with necessary tools, their rapport with creators, and their efficiency of executing campaigns successfully.

Thus, selecting the top influencer marketing agency to collaborate becomes the single most crucial step in a brand’s journey to leverage influencer marketing.