Cedric Fernando MD Discusses 5 Key Signs of Addiction

Cedric Fernando MD Discusses 5 Key Signs of Addiction

Addiction is a disease that affects individuals, families, and entire communities. Cedric Fernando MD, is an expert in the fields of addiction and family medicine. He uses his expertise to help individuals overcome drug or alcohol addiction and repair relationships with their loved ones. Dr. Fernando recently discussed how to spot addiction, so addicted individuals can seek treatment as early as possible.

Dr. Fernando outlined five of the most prevalent signs of addiction.

An Inability to Stop Drug or Alcohol Use

In most cases, addicted individuals develop a dependence on the drugs, alcohol, or other substances they abuse. They may attempt to give up the drug or alcohol, but they are unable to do so.

Cedric Fernando MD stated a clear sign of addiction is when the addicted individual cannot stop using the substance even when they experience health problems, issues with loved ones, or money difficulties. For instance, someone addicted to smoking may continue the bad habit even after developing lung cancer.

Giving Up on Activities or Hobbies They Once Loved

Addicted individuals often begin to put their addictions ahead of the sports, hobbies, or activities they once enjoyed. Some may do so because they are no longer physically capable of doing the same activities. Others may put using addictive substances or looking for addictive substances ahead of enjoying favorite pastimes.

They may also avoid certain activities they once loved because substance use will not be involved.

Experiencing Symptoms of Withdrawal

An addictive individual may become dependent on the substance. When they do not have enough of the drug or alcohol to appease their dependence, they will experience physical symptoms, such as trembling, sweats, cravings, trembling, and others.

Appearance Changes

Cedric Fernando MD explained some of the most obvious signs of addiction are in a person’s appearance. Family members may notice the individual is losing or gaining excessive weight, always appears tired, or does not perform normal personal hygiene tasks. An addicted individual may become more focused on acquiring and consuming the addictive substance than showering, washing their clothes, or even getting sufficient sleep.

Solitude and Secrecy

Dr. Fernando explained that many addicted individuals feel ashamed of their actions or that they can’t quit using an addictive substance. This may cause them to go into solitude and only use the substance when their loved ones are not around or cannot see. They are aware of their physical dependence and do not want anyone else to know.

Cedric Fernando MD and Addiction Treatment

Dr. Fernando is an expert in addiction medicine and all areas of occupational drug testing. He dedicates much of his practice to helping addicted individuals identify their substance abuse disorders and seek proper treatment.